Kracie Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Kracie. Prostyle Fuwarie Hair Styling Mist Curl: Protect your hair the high fever of iron, keep it soft curl for 1 day. Care gloss that is lost in heat with penetration type repair ingredient argan oil while blocking damage of 180 degrees or more inside surface W. Arrange keeping combination shapes to friend. Soft set prescription. How to use: Divide into small amounts of tresses, spray to extent becomes moist let blend well. bundle


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Chacott Power Fit Eyeliner 2 Types

Brand from Japan: Chacott. A brush pen type eyeliner with a waterproof formula that has no color unevenness or faintness is resistant to water, sweat, sebum. The 0.1 mm ultra fine hair fits the delicate of skin firmly, is a beautiful continues thin lines to thick lines. You can draw as you like. With sustainable efforts organic certified moisturizing ingredients, take care of your eyes while making up.


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Kose Esprique Select Eye Color N Glow Gel Cream Eyeshadow 1.5g 8 Types

Brand from Japan: Kose. It can be used in multiple ways. Whether it is a single color or layered. A cream type eye that gives you a wet, glossy transparent with a application. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on your fingertips spread it gently.


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PETITFEE Patch yeux à l’or et à l’escargot (lot de 60)

Brand from South Korea: PETITFEE. Cette crème hydrate et augmente l’élasticité de la peau et est adaptée aux contours des yeux sensibles. Elle élimine rides du de l’œil.Utilisation : 1. Après avoir nettoyé votre visage, placez patchs sous vos yeux. 2. 15 20 minutes, retirez le et tamponnez doucement le reste du produit sur pour faciliter l’absorption.


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DID Kette und ESJOT Räder R’der ZVMX chaîne set FJ 1200 (1XJ 3CW1

D.I.D. PREMIUM X Ring chaîne set FJ 1200 (1XJ, 3CW1 2), année 86 90 articles: DID Kette und ESJOT R’der ZVMX FJ 2) 86


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Under Armour Vanish Woven 2 in 1 Shorts AW22 Grey mens X Large

Under Armour Vanish Woven 2 in 1 Shorts If it says in the name, that means it's one of Armour's fastest drying materials. These are ultralight, durable, breathable and super to keep you cool. Constructed using lightweight, woven fabric, 2 in 1 from is built for most intense workouts. A in knit compression short offers relentless coverage support while perforated panels feature on outer shorts added ventilation. works to wick sweat as it is produced


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Naturaglace Oil Control Milk Set 2 pcs

Brand from Japan: naturaglace. Oil Control Milk N 30ml x 1 Loose Powder Mini Size 01 3.5g x 1 control milk N absorbs sebum keeps makeup for a long time. How to use: Be sure to shake well before using. Take an appropriate amount spread it over the entire face with your hands or a sponge. an on puff. Apply it to so that it is lightly applied to skin. And then gently apply it by sliding


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Kose Sekkisei Clear Wellness Pure Conc Lotion Kit 2 pcs

Brand from Japan: Kose. Hypoallergenic lotion that prevents rough skin causing (drying). A special limited edition kit with a refill. Clear Wellness Pure Conc 200ml x 1 Refill 170ml x 1 How to use: Please it on clean after washing your face. Take a 500 yen coin on hand or cotton apply it gently to skin.


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4U2 Eyeshadow Palette 01 Gone With The Wind 1 pc

Brand from Thailand: 4U2. Create bright eyes with a single coat. It has a long lasting color lasts firmly. Elegant, feminine, sometimes adult make up, abundant textures variations matte to lame, the finish is as you wish. How to use: Take an appropriate amount on your brush, tip, or fingertip apply it to eyelids.


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Dejavu Lasting Fine Pencil 2 Types

Brand from Japan: dejavu. The natural clear line fits snugly. Smooth easy to draw. Firmly coat the drawn by adhesive component. Therefore, it is resistant to sebum, sweat, tears, rubbing. Waterproof type that does not bleed or become thin. How to use: Please core with 1 mm out. You can carry it back even if you put it too much. Since it is a very soft core, it may break if it is pulled Gently skin around your eyes to side to make it easier to


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